A Yakima businessman who owns a car dealership says he is upset the city is threatening to remove signs at his business to enforce the city sign ordinance.

Doug Betterall, owner of Betterall Auto Sales on South First Street, says the city has told him he can have only one sign advertising his business and that all the others need to be taken down.

I don’t understand what just one sign will do for an auto dealer. Does that mean I can just advertise one car?

Betterall says he has received two notices from the city to remove all but one sign at his business on South First Street. He is refusing hoping the city council will soon rework the city sign ordinance.

Betterall says he understands the city is trying to clean up the parts of the city but says his signs are new and not blocking any views.

The city Codes Manager Joe Caruso says he is meeting with city officials later this month to talk about reworking the ordinance.