A Yakima business who's customers fish in the Pateros area is hoping to give back to those who's lives have been devistated by the Carlton Complex of Fires. Reed Michael is a manager at Grumpy's on South First Street who says  "We have a bunch of customers who were up in that area fishing for sockeye and they barely made it out of there. We just want to give something back to those folks who've lost everything."
Grumpy's is working with the American Red Cross hoping to gather needed supplies. Michael says they hope to fill 2 bins in the store by Friday so the Red Cross can transport the donations to those who need them. Grumpy's is accepting donations of gift cards, water, toiletries, bedding and even cash. Grumpy's is located at 2318 South First Street behind Prestige Motors. The deadline to give is Friday. The complex fire is now 16 percent contained. It's burned about 380 square miles the largest fire in State history.