A Yakima company is getting ready to launch a new brandy made from locally grown fruit. The Glacier Basin Distillery is set to open in Yakima next week.

Co-owner Thomas Hale says they'll be using fresh fruit picked from Gilbert Orchards located next door to the distillery. Hale says his partner Craig Gilbert started looking for a different way to use, apples, pears grapes and cherries that weren't suitable for market.

"We all like brandy so we would experiment trying to make brandy from apricots, cherries, apples and pears." He says they're now ready for bottling.

Hale, who works for Gilbert Orchards says they'll be premiering Groppa Brandy at the grand opening next week. Hale says it's a Italian style brandy made at the Glacier Basin Distillery where the grand opening is planned for May 18 at the Cave Amphitheatre. The distillery is located at 2620 Draper Road next to Gilbert Orchards.

The Grand Opening is set for 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 pm.