We asked the major Yakima area cemeteries what dates  Memorial Day weekend flowers would be removed or needed to be picked up by.

If you plan to decorate the final resting places of your loved ones this weekend, here are the dates that the four major Yakima cemeteries will remove those decorations. If you plan to remove the decorations yourself, as with living plants in containers or artificial displays, those dates will be your deadline.

West Hills Memorial Park at 11800 Douglas Road: Graves may be decorated starting now, and decorations will be removed on Friday, June 1st.

Terrace Heights Memorial Park at 3001 Terrace Heights Drive: Memorial Day Weekend decorations will be removed on Wednesday, June 30th.

Tahoma Cemetery at 1804 Tahoma Avenue: Tahoma will do a "clean sweep" of the cemetery starting early on Monday, June 4th. All decorations will be completely removed that day, so officials suggest that people remove decorations by June 3rd. They also do not allow the use of glass vases or containers.

Calvary Cemetery at 1405 South 24th Avenue: Decorations will be removed on Thursday, May 31st.