Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The guilt of the working mom.  How to provide for a better life without being there for the life you have?  It is source of never ending stress for some moms but take a deep breath and hear the results of a new study.  Dr. Anne McMunn of University College London conducted a study and the results show that mothers with young kids should stop feeling guilty about working outside of the home.   In fact, her study reveals an upside for kids with working moms. The study shows children with working moms are less likely to have behavioral or emotional problems by age 5 than kids of stay at home moms. In fact, girls with stay at home moms were twice as likely to have behavioral problems by age 5.  So, Dr. McMunn advises "Working mothers should not feel guilty that this will have any impact on the social, emotional or behavioral development of their children."    Besides it’s fun to see them when the work day is done rather than being ready to strangle them at the end of the day