A woman has died in a house fire in Sunnyside. The Yakima County Fire Marshals Office when firefighters arrived at the home of Marty and Tami Mathison on the 1200 block of North West Crescent Avenue, flames had engulfed more than half of the two and a half story home, as well as nearby cars and trees. They say Tami Mathison, was standing in an upstairs window at the back of the house, but when crews and her family told her to jump, she wouldn't. Firefighters say instead, she turned around and walked back into the smoke filled window. fire investigators have recovered her body. Firefighters say the second story of the home collapsed into the first story, and because of the structural damage, firefighters couldn't go inside. the investigaton continues today. Firefighters say the fire caused more than $200,000 in damages. The home was a total loss, as well as one car and part of a van. the cause is under investigation.