When it comes to pizza, some of us ALWAYS order a large.  But even if you don’t you should.  If you want the most food for your money, always order a large pie -- even if you're eating alone.  An NPR reporter graciously did the math so we don't have to.  Whew, that leaves more time to eat!  She analyzed 74,476 pizza prices from 3,678 pizza restaurants nationwide to find out how the price of pizza changes with the size of the pie. That’s a little more ambitious than I might have done, but ok. The bottom line, according to NPR, is that one 16-inch pizza has about the same area as one and one-third 14-inch pizzas or four 8-inch pizzas. It may seem like a 16-inch pizza is twice as large as an 8-inch pizza, but it's actually four times as big. (who knew?)

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Since a pizza is a circle, the area increases with the square of the radius. And that is why a larger pizza is a better bargain. A 16-inch pizza costs, on average, $16.59. To get the same amount of food buying 8-inch pizzas, you would have to buy four pizzas, which will run you $33, on average. That's pretty much double the price of a 16-inch pizza. Thank you, NPR, and thank you, pizza parlors everywhere!