Containment of the Mile Marker 28 Fire near Goldendale is now at 87 percent with the number of firefighters on scene down to 797 from 1,300 and several crews expected to demobilize today.

The crews now focus on mopping up and patrolling the perimeter to clear out any potential fuel within 150 to 200 feet of the fire line, The Yakima Herald Republic reports.

Management of the fire now shifts Monday morning to a "Type 3 Organization," which involves four crews and four strike teams of engines and overhead support, two incident co-commanders, two division leaders and the remaining crews assigned to patrol and hold the existing perimeter.

Smoke will be visible for weeks because of unburned fuels left in the interior of the perimeter with the 41 miles of line around the fire secure and the risk of spreading outside the boundary perimeter minimal.

Evacuations remain at Level 1, which is the lowest risk advisory, and officials ask that anyone driving on Highway 97 near Goldendale or Satus Pass not stop unless it’s an emergency, because of the potential hazards created by rolling debris, dangerous and unstable trees, and underground burning stumps.