Howdy Pardoner!  Looks like you might want to mosey on down to Texas if you’re a hankerin’ to go to work. Six of the top twelve cities are found in the lonestar state.  Not making enough?  Not working?  Looking for a new job?  If that’s you, you aren’t alone. More than 10 million Americans are on the job hunt with you.  And you’ll want the  2014 report on the Best & Worst Cities to Find a Job .

WalletHub scoped out the job prospects in the 60 largest U.S. cities using a variety of factors that contribute to a good working possibility.

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Best Overall Cities for Job Seekers

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Fort Worth, TX
Raleigh, NC
Tulsa, OK
2. Washington, DC   12. Corpus Christi, TX   22. Omaha, NE
3. Tampa, FL   13. Aurora, CO   23. San Antonio, TX
4. Arlington, TX   14. Phoenix, AZ   24. Santa Ana, CA
5. Dallas, TX   15. San Jose, CA   25. Nashville, TN
6. Austin, TX   16. San Francisco, CA   26. Columbus, OH
7. Seattle, WA   17. Las Vegas, NV   27. Boston, MA
8. Denver, CO   18. Charlotte, SC   28. Wichita, KS
9. Mesa, AZ   19. Minneapolis, MN   29. New Orleans, LA
10. Houston, TX   20. Kansas City, MO   30. Miami, FL
Fastest-Growing Workforce   Highest Median Starting Salary
1. Bakersfield, CA   1. San Jose, CA ($57,108)
2. New Orleans, LA   2. Washington, DC ($52,344)
3. Kansas City, MO   3. San Francisco, CA ($49,272)
4. Santa Ana, CA   4. New York, NY ($48,312)
5. Fresno, CA   5. Seattle, WA ($39,804)