Today is One-Hit Wonder Day, a day that honors all of those bands that had one chart hit and then disappeared, leaving us with a great musical memory.

Music is one of the best memory stimulants there is. You hear a snatch of a favorite song, and it takes you right back to the time in your life you first heard it. Good times or bad, these songs can make our memories come flooding into our present.

Often times, great songs come from acts that only get that one hit. This morning on the KIT Morning News, we were talking with our listeners about our favorite one-hit wonders. Technically, that refers to the band, but we remember the song or video. So in honor of One-Hit Wonder Day, here are some of my favorites.

"Take on Me' - a-ha

"True" - Spandau Ballet

"Our House" - Madness

And probably my favorite one hit wonder of all time!

"In A Big Country" - Big Country

What are some of your favorite one-hit wonders?

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