Life is interesting, challenging, rewarding, and sometimes unexplainable. There are many great leaders throughout our history, and the ones who seem to have accomplished the most have also sacrificed the most. The people who are loved and successful tend to worry about themselves and the needs of others more so than their own.

I'm sure you may be nodding and saying to yourself, "where are you going with this line of thinking?" I'm trying to express to the people that sit in positions of power and influence that if you want to accomplish something or get a desired outcome, then you had better worry about the needs of the others more than your own.

Relationships are the key to solid communication and a better understanding of one person or groups point of view. Maintaining relationships has been one of the hardest jobs I've had while serving the people on the Yakima City Council. I wish more people knew how to maintain a good relationship and show mutual respect to accomplish their goals. You can't win them all, but you can be understood and respected while you try. Make it a great week my friends - and enemies!