Where would you be without your car?  Where would radio be without car & truck advertisers?   We happily broadcast on behalf of them all.  But while we may differ in our loyalty  to one particular make and model, at least 22% of us share one thought the same about our personal transportation.  We want our car or truck to be ...white.

Krafft Angerer/Getty Images

In fact, twenty-two percent of all 2012 model cars and trucks were painted white.  That's the word from paint maker PPG Industries, which conducts an annual survey to determine which car colors are the most popular around the world.

Silver finished second for the second year in a row at 20% -- prior to that, silver was on top for a decade .

So what’s the wonder of white?  Well, many businesses prefer white for their pickup trucks, since it makes their logos and on-truck ads stand out more sharply. One-quarter of all pickup trucks sold in the United States in 2012 were white, compared with 19 percent of midsized cars. The rise in white's popularity is also partially due to the increasing varieties of white, shades of which range from vibrant and bright to rich and creamy.

On the down side, white makes your car a target for birds.  Birds prefer to bomb white cars more than all others.

The top car colors worldwide for the 2012 model year:

  1. White: 22 percent
  2. Silver: 20 percent
  3. Black: 19 percent
  4. Gray: 12 percent
  5. Red: 9 percent
  6. Natural: 8 percent
  7. Blue: 7 percent
  8. Green: 2 percent
  9. Other colors: 1 percent

For the record I drive a truck…a white truck!