How was the weekend?  Did your dog do anything photo-worthy?  We are still looking for your Naughty Dog picture for our KIT contest.  You could win a trip to the dog spa, obedience lesson and $200 cash! 

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SO when you are yelling at your naughty dog, what do you call him or her?

When it comes to giving our pets names, according to a poll, about half of us choose human-like names, such as Jack or Sophie instead of Fido or Fluffy. While 49%, including 51% of dog owners and 50% of cat owners, had given at least one of their pets a human-like name, the other half did not.

And some of those names are real doozies: reports names like Hollywood and Chichi Mittens, both cats; Vegas the Labrador Retriever; Jibber Jack the dog; the Beagle named Talulublue, and Louis XIV, the Yorkie.