Brian Gleason from Ulta Lit Technologies, a squad of red-vested Christmas light experts who are trained to help you with those pesky Christmas lights, called in to KIT this morning with a few tips for how to keep your Christmas lights lit throughout the holiday season.

The biggest frustration for most people this season the likelihood that one Christmas light on a string can sabotage the entire string.

"The power has to travel through each individual bulb and socket," Gleason explained. "One bulb can cause an entire section not to work."

Why is it so easy to derail the whole set of lights with the shorting of one bulb? Is this not 2012? Is the future not now?

"These are lights that were designed 100 years ago and they haven't changed much," said Gleason. Christmas lights are pretty basic. For example, a 100 light set is actually two 50 light sets wired together.

One alternative? LED lights are one solution for getting some more life out of each strand. "They're excellent for outside decorating," Gleason said.

Lastly, don't be a Clark Griswold this Christmas. "That movie shows you everything not to do," Gleason says. For example? "Don't use a stapler! A stapler can actually pierce the wire and short it out."

If you find yourself in a light-related panic this Christmas, don't hesistate to call 888-858-2548 to get your own red-vested expert on the case.