Cosmopolitan magazine is the latest source for one of those “what your choice of “fill in the blank” says about you. This time around the author of  "The Secret Psychology Of  How We Fall In Love” says your animal of choice reveals your desires!

For example:

Bring on the buddies and beer, because this dude is energetic and fun.

He is easygoing and laid back. Things like lounging on the beach, taking a bike ride through the park, and chilling in an outdoor cafe will be hits with him.

If he is attracted to this exotic animal, it is a sign he craves adventure….. like trapeze class, white water rafting, or rock climbing.

The man is stylish and appreciates the finer things in life…. drinking champagne at a luxury rooftop bar or a couples massage will be up his alley.

What if your favorite animal is Seahawk, Husky or Cougar? Then what? Stay tuned!