Art Linkletter said that kids say the darndest things. It was true then, and it is now. Here's a sample of what some kids had to say about their Mom's on the eve of Mother's Day.

My son is five and attends a local pre school. The kids had a project to write about their Mom's, answering questions like what their  name is, what color eyes they have, what they do together with Mom, and why their parents got married. I'll give you my son's answers in a moment.

Some of the answers that some of the kids gave as to why their parents got married were great:

"My parents got married because:"

"My Dad rubbed lotion on my Mom"

"My Mom wanted my Dad to cook for her"

"They kissed"

And these were my son's answers:

"My mom's name is Sandy, she has brown eyes. She takes me grocery shopping. She and my Dad got married so that my Dad could go to the store."

Happy Mother's Day everyone!