The Westboro Baptist Church became a nationally despised organization when it began picketing the funerals of fallen American soldiers. Since then, the group has expanded its extreme anti-homosexual protest circuit to include events which garner even more media attention. The group’s latest stunt was announced Wednesday via Twitter messages to various media outlets just hours after Hollywood screen legend Elizabeth Taylor died of congestive heart failure.

 TMZ reports that the Westboro Baptist Church is preparing to spread their message at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral  Margie Phelps — daughter of WBC Pastor Fred Phelps — took to Twitter to announce the church is going to picket Taylor’s funeral … all because she was in their words - apparently some sort of gay “enabler” and an AIDS activist.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Westboro’s First Amendment rights to assemble and peaceably protest, no matter how blatantly obnoxious.