I can smell the Christmas goose cooking already!  AND I can feel the pounds piling on!  How am I gonna get them off the beltline? The key to dropping stubborn pounds may be right on the tip of your tongue. Recent research shows that our taste buds can distinguish not only how salty, sweet, savory, bitter, or sour food is but also how fatty it is and that ability may influence how much we weigh!

A pip pip and a cherrio for the Brits because a study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that people whose tongues were more sensitive to fat had lower BMIs and consumed less fat in their diets, your sensitivity may decrease over time.

Bottom line--people who eat a lot of fat need more of it to feel satisfied so future research could possibly lead to the development of foods that satiate our taste for fat while packing less of it. (Women's Health)


Scott Olson/Getty Images