They  say we get the government we deserve.  Too many people don't bother to be informed and yet they still participate based on emotion rather than fact! And too many people don't participate at all.  The bottom line is that we have done a lousy job of picking our leaders.   CBS news has details. "You may not remember this, but only 10 years ago, about 65 percent of Americans approved of the job the U.S. Congress was doing. That's according to Bob Schieffer of CBS News, who credited freshman Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado for the research. Well, thanks for the history lesson, but today Congress has an approval rating of 9 percent. That's less than BP's approval rating at the time of the Gulf oil spill (16%). Less than Paris Hilton's approval rating (15%). And, Schieffer notes, that poll was taken before CBS News revealed that Congress has voted itself the right to buy and sell stock based on inside information, which is illegal for the rest of us."

Chances are when word of that gets out the number shrinks even more. How do we have a Happy Thanksgiving with so many turkeys in Washington, D.C.?