Watching giant lineman play football is fun!  Watching yourself turn into a giant lineman sized fan--not so much!  Unfortunately for many, watching football is a surefire way to pack on extra winter weight.  Fox News reports an online Harris Interactive survey sponsored by Nutrisystem found that of 1,283 football fans, 25 percent gained weight during the football season.  Gee, I wonder why he said with his mouth full of chips as he reached for the dip and a soda.

The average weight increase was ten pounds but 16 percent of those who gained admitted to packing on at least 20 pounds.  For these folks “go deep” means go to the deep fat fryer!

Many men who watch football while drinking beer and eating high calorie foods use the day after the Super Bowl as a day to start fresh. In fact it’s the second biggest day to start a weight loss program.  A Nutrisystem spokesperson says they receive double the orders of their men's program on the Monday after the big game than they do on the day after New Year's.


David Ryder/Getty Images