Motorists in Yakima may or may not get caught by police. News partner KIMA Actions News reports, according to speeding ticket records for Yakima Police this year there are five spots where the most tickets are written.

Tied for fifth place is South 3rd Avenue and Division Street. Officers can hide by Yakima's Worksource and catch speeders cutting through Division.

The other spot is North 21st Avenue and Summitview Avenue. There were 17 tickets written at each of those locations so far this year.

Ahtanum did not make the top five, but in fourth place for most speeding tickets written is the 100 block of West Lincoln Avenue. It is located right by Front Street and police issued 19 tickets there so far this year.

West Valley makes it in the top three. Officers are catching people in the 5800 block of West Nob Hill between 53rd and 64th Avenues.

Officers also like to catch speeders along a strip of North 40th Avenue. As motorists come down this hill near Englewood, police can quickly pull out. So far 20 tickets have been given out here this year. The top spot for speeding tickets issued Yakima is North 16th Avenue by River Road. These spots may not be where the speeders are, but they're where police are waiting to catch you. A speeding ticket here in Yakima can cost anywhere from $90 to $500