On March 17, court will be in session at Heritage University as the Washington State Supreme Court travels to Toppenish to hear three cases. The unique location is part of the court’s educational outreach, and a way to increase public access to precedent-setting legal proceedings.

In Supreme Court hearings, no witnesses are called. Instead, attorneys argue the legal issues and the justices decide cases based on facts developed during hearings in trial courts. Each side of the argument is given 20 minutes to present their case. These sessions are typically held in the Temple of Justice in Olympia, but several times a year the court travels to other locations throughout Washington to hear arguments, which are open for public hearing.

The State Supreme Court will hear the three cases at Heritage’s Smith Family Hall on Tuesday, March 17. Additionally, members of the court will participate in an open forum on Monday, March 16 at 1:15 p.m., also at Smith Family Hall. The events are open to the public, but space is limited.