Yakima fire officials are warning home owners to be careful with outside fireplaces that could cause a big fire. Yakima City Codes Manager Joe Caruso says the commercially made outdoor fireplaces are allowed in the city but he says be careful and don't place them to close to the house.

“They need to be at least 25 feet from your house not on the back porch right next to that wooden siding that can catch fire.” Caruso says the outdoor fireplaces can also be dangerous if they're not covered. He says sparks can land on your roof or a neighbors' roof and cause a big fire.

And that fire could spread to a nearby field or neighbors' home. That’s a big concern for West Valley Fire Chief Dave Leach. He says recent brush and grass fires are an early sign that it'll be a long hot summer in the valley. Leach says warming weather and fireworks are a bad combination and both are on the way with the month of July right around the corner. Leach says remember fireworks are banned in the county and in many cities in the valley including Yakima. And Leach says if you have a fire pit on your property make sure you put the fire out. Because if your fire pit causes a fire you can be held responsible for the firefighting costs and damage.