The West Valley Walmart has been open for business for some time now.  How has it affected the West Valley Neighborhood? Positvely or negatively? Take our poll and let us know.
It's been a few years now since the West Valley Walmart opened it's doors to valley shoppers.

When it was proposed to be located on former Congdon orchard property. Supporters cited more shopping choices, increased tax revenues, and positive growth as some of the reasons they welcomed the store.

Opponents had their reasons for not wanting the store. More traffic, more people, philosophical differences with Walmart business policies, effects on local business, and many preferred the proximity to a more rural lifestyle.

After years of litigation and appeals, the store opened. And now, other businesses have sprung up near the store, with more scheduled in the future. So far, none of the existing neighborhood businesses  have closed as was predicted by opponents.

Take our poll and tell us if you think that the West Valley Walmart has had either a positive or negative impact on the West Valley area.