River Ridge Golf Course was first opened in Selah, Washington in July of 2003, offering an affordable and challenging executive-length golfing experience. The clubhouse and restaurant opened in 2004, and has been providing quality food and good company ever since. Through hardships, harsh winters, and the occasional flood, River Ridge remains a favorite spot among the locals.

River Ridge is owned and operated by Dean Laurvick, who is also the manager. Dean was born in Wisconsin and is a descendant of Norwegian farmers. From the age of 10 years he has lived in Yakima, Washington and continues to live there today. In addition to designing and building the golf course and running the restaurant, he plays a mean hand of cribbage.

The clubhouse is built with over 70% recycled lumber (another Norwegian farmer scrounging trait), including local varieties like Douglas fir, cedar, Ponderosa pine, lodge pole pine burls, and tamarack. In addition to the clubhouse interior, the front deck has over 2,000 square feet of space and gives plenty of shade for outdoor dining.