Yakima now has a store dedicated to selling e-cigarettes. The owner of the Vape Spot at
711 Summitview Ave., Carrie Bertrand, says it's a new industry that is changing every day, but she is not worried that the City of Yakima might someday regulate e-cigarettes.

"Unfortunately e-cigarettes have the same negative connotation that maybe cigarette smoking does, but people that do vape and have electronic cigarettes will find a place to do it, whether it's allowed in front of a business or not or whether they can do it in a public place."

"Vaping eliminates roughly 4,000 chemicals and carcinogenic compounds that come from smoking real cigarettes without compromising the "act" of smoking itself.  The Vape Spot hopes that their customers will experience: better health, elimination of cigarette smoke smell, and cost savings. "


The Yakima City Council has considered restricting the use of e-cigarettes, but earlier this year the board decided against any ban or restrictions.

The Vape Spot plans a grand opening on May 17.