Union Gap's pot shop is delaying its opening by one day.

Adam Markus, owner of Station 420 LLC, says he will be open on Wednesday. It is the only licensed marijuana retail store opening in Union Gap. The store is one of 24 that were licensed statewide Monday.

Markus is hoping he will have product to sell this week. Legal marijuana is scarce since growers have not had enough time to harvest.

With the slow licensing procedure that it took to get the growers license, now they’re trying to push their plants along so they can harvest.

And that is causing a shortage of product across the state.

Markus says prices will range from $17 to $30 a gram depending on quality.

An armed guard will be placed at the entrance and Markus describes after-hours security like something from the "Mission Impossible" movie.

Station 420 LLC at 4007 Main St. in Union Gap is open Monday through Sunday. You must be 21 to enter the store.