One White Swan woman is being treated for burns in Seattle after a fan caught fire in her home burning it to the ground but it could have been much worse without the help of a lawn hose and some friendly neighbors.

This is a scene that most people would run away from, but not Alex Thompson. "Basically the whole entire house was engulfed in flame," Thompson said.

When Thompson and his uncle saw the fire, they jumped into action racing down the street to help. What they found was their neighbor lying passed out by the front door. They knew they had to act quickly.

"It was too hot to get her so it took us two or three tries to get her," Thompson said. "And they ended up having to drag her. She was blistered, skin was peeling, it was just horrible."

They pulled the woman out who had second and third degree burns covering 90 percent of her body. Thompson picked up the hose in a desperate attempt to cool the woman off and save what they could of the house.

"The hose itself was hot," Thompson said. "Just the metal bit on top was hot as well."

Firefighters say the fire started when the electrical wiring from a fan sparked a fire on the couch. The woman who lived in the house and her sister became trapped when the fire quickly spread.

One woman was already taken in a helicopter to Seattle to treat her burns. Firefighters tell us that the other burn victim who was taken to a local hospital will probably also have to be taken by hospital to treat the severe extent of her burns.