I know a lot of people who love their jobs in management. They find the work stimulating, challenging and rewarding -- except for people.

sTR/AFP/Getty Images

“Management is great if you just didn’t have to work with people,” is something I’ve heard said a bunch of times. I’ve said it myself when dealing with employee time management! The problem is a lot of workers waste time on the job not feeling the same sense of loyalty and commitment that the managers have.

A new survey reveals what behaviors bosses think employees waste the most time on at work. NBC Nightly News teamed up with CareerBuilder and found that 50 percent of employers named cellphone use and texting as the top time waster, while 42 percent said gossip and 39 percent said the Internet.

Additionally, 38 percent said social media was a big distraction and 27 percent said snack or smoke breaks. Employees agreed that the use of personal technology was the top cause of being unproductive at work, with 24 percent admitting they spend at least one hour a day on personal calls, emails, or texts during a typical work day.  (Daily Mail)