Perfectionists put themselves on the perfect path to an early death.  It’s good to be good but nobody’s perfect – still some people just keep trying. According to sociologist and former perfectionist, Dr. Christine Carter, for the good of their health, perfectionists really need to lighten up.

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Carter says paying too much attention to detail and success WILL take a significant toll on your life. New data from Trinity Western University in Canada found that perfectionists have an increased risk of death by a staggering 51%.

The cost of trying to be always right and mistake free is a big mistake because perfectionists tend to have much higher levels of stress and frustration, which lowers immunity and can leave them prone to illness and depression.

The Canadian study indicates that those who strive for perfection in their professional lives often have little time left to care for themselves, which can be a fatal mistake.