With Geraldo tweeting a picture of his nearly naked self to the world proclaiming that 70 is the new 50 (and not a good idea) we got to wondering about youth, beauty, health and plastic surgery. According to thestir.cafemom.com if YOU were wondering if you will have to have a facelift sometime in the future to fight the effects of time the answer to anti-aging isn't surgery, its s-e-x.

Researchers in England have found that older men and women that have an active sex life look five to seven years younger than other people their age.

Scientists say the endorphins released during sex are crucial to preserving your youth. It works by releasing human growth hormone, which can keep the skin elastic and consequently less likely to wrinkle. Another great perk? It can help burn fat and release a chemical that helps boost the immune system.

So…look again at Gerald and ask yourself…has he or hasn’t he…and we're not talking plastic surgery!

the Blaze