My wife and I attended yesterday's Seattle Seahawks game with two of our dearest friends. It was an event that we thought, at one time last spring, might not ever happen.

I'm very blessed to have been friends with my buddy Tim since the first grade. We went to school together for 12 years, were college roommates, and have been on quite a few adventures together. I've known his wife since the seventh grade, so we all kind of grew up together in the White Swan-Harrah community.

About this time last year, the four of us made plans to attend the Seahawks-Vikings game in Seattle. Unfortunately, Tim came down with a rare fungal infection that settled in the bones of his face and spent that weekend at the University of Washington hospital. Sandy and I did go to that game, but it wasn't the same without our friends. Tim fought a hard battle against his illness for several months, and last spring appeared to have beaten it.

A quick recovery was not to be.

While in a weakened state of recovery, he suffered an undetected heart attack. The damage was severe, and doctors put him on home hospice care. I visited him several times for some good chats, hoping that each visit would not be the last.

Then the miracle kicked in.

Tim started to get better. He regained strength and his health started to improve. We had our 40th class reunion last summer, and started to plan to get to a Seahawks game this season. We did that yesterday.

Tim still has to take it a bit easy and attend some rehab, but we had a great time in Seattle with our friends yesterday.

So more than just a come-from-behind Seahawks overtime win yesterday, it was a celebration of Tim's victory over a severe illness.

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