Sometimes it's hard for us Yakimanians to look at our city and see what it has to offer for the out of the area visitor.  If you had to pick a top tourist attraction, what would it be?


Seattle has the Space Needle. Spokane has Riverfront Park. Leavenworth has it's Bavarian Village theme. They all attract tourists from the U.S. and beyond. What would you say is Yakima's top tourist attraction?

From many people the answer would be "we don't have one."  But if you really think, it's hard to pick one. We have a growing downtown entertainment district with wineries, restaurants, and vibrant night life. Many people like our unique downtown architecture. Some would point out the Greenway, or Yakima Valley Museum, or  the Capitol and Fourth Street Theatres.  Perhaps the growing shopping scene in the Union Gap area or the Apple Tree Golf Resort.

Anyway, be sure and leave us a comment about what you think is Yakima's top tourist attraction.


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