Back to school in 2016 means heading back to Best Buy or some other tech shop to purchase the latest electronics and accessories.  With some much of future employment tied to tech, it only makes sense. So just what will your student be asking you to buy for them? Here’s your list according to the folks who put on Consumer Electronics Show each year in Las Vegas- the Consumer Technology Association.

Top-10 back-to-school tech products consumers plan to buy this year:

10.Product subscription service (22 percent) - Netflix, Google Drive, Evernote or Spotify.
9. Tablet (22 percent)
8. External hard drive (23 percent)
7. Software for computer (39 percent)
6. Laptop (44 percent)
5. Carrying or protective case (48 percent)
4. Scientific/graphing calculator (51 percent)
3. Headphones (52 percent)
2. Basic calculator (55 percent)
1. Portable memory (71 percent)