A look at five fantastic gift ideas for Mom that Dad may like as well!

Mother's Day is just a few days away. Are you and the kids at a loss on what to get Mom? Here are some fantastic ideas sure to please everyone!

A cold brew... Delicious, refreshing, and in six packs, conveniently portable. Perfect for the Mom on the go!

Seahawks season tickets. Sure, there is some doubt about the NFL labor situation, but what better gift for Mom than to hang with the 12th Man? Something that Mom and Dad can do as a couple, and if Mom's too busy, I'm sure Dad has a buddy that could use Mom's ticket so it wouldn't go to waste.

A 65 inch, wall mounted plasma tv.  Makes those Food Network recipes come alive! And, if need be, can be hooked up to an HD sports package if Mom is too busy with the laundry!

Wings...What Mom doesn't like wings?

A good cigar... Great way for Mom to relax...We suggest the H. Upmann Churchill. Smooth, mellow and light.

We hope that these gift suggestions are of some help to you in getting that perfect Mother's Day Gift! By the way, this list could come in handy for Father's Day, too!