The person who said 'a woman can't be too rich or too thin' was in fact a thin woman and a woman who was rich.…with a man’s name!  Her real full name was Bessie Wallis Warfield  but was know by Wallis Simpson and later as the Duchess of Windsor after marrying Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor in 1937.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

However the wisdom of the Duchess doesn’t hold up more than 75 years later.   You are more likely to die if you are underweight than if you are severely overweight, say medical experts. "Underweight" or “too thin” people are twice as likely to die as "normal weight" people, say researchers who surveyed 51,000 American over six years.

But the shocker came when the data showed that "severely obese" people were only 26 percent more likely to die than "normal weight" people. Furthermore, all other overweight categories were just as likely to survive as the "normal weight" people.

Scientists at the  University of California-Davis School of Medicine say it is widely believed that any degree of overweight or obesity increases the risk of death but they found only severe obesity was associated with an increased risk of death and it was still a lower risk than the severe underweight.