As Yoda might say, "too clever were you."  There are those who seek recognition, to stand out, to poke us all in the ribs a little.  There are lots of ways to do it but one way poked back!A woman, who changed her middle name to Skywalker, missed a trip out of England after she was refused a passport. Laura Matthew was denied the chance to renew her passport because her name was subject to copyright!

The bulb in this one is not so bright Obi Wan...but this passport is not the one you seek.

The 29-year-old said she added the middle name for laughs after a conversation with friends, but was stunned when her name wasn't recognized. Fortunately for the Star Wars fan, Laura Matthew has been told she can reapply for a new passport using her old signature and name. (Metro)

And then it's hyper speed to a galaxy near you!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images