With unemployment still running around 7 and a half percent, the last thing you want is to miss out on the job for which you are a perfect fit.  But wait.  That person across the waiting room coffee table is a perfect fit too! Now what?  What if THEY get your job? There is nothing worse than a job coming down to you and one other person then not getting it. So what gives? Cosmopolitan magazine asked professional recruiters to reveal, when it comes down to just you and the other guy (or gal), what sways them toward one candidate over the other. Interestingly and convincingly, everyone Cosmo asked said pretty much the same thing.

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The one going to work while the other one goes home is the one who doesn’t reference themselves as well, the one. Recruiters say they prefer the person who limits their use of the word 'I'. That is because talking about yourself as part of a team makes you someone who really cares about the company rather than an individual who is arrogant and only concerned about her own success. (Cosmopolitan)   And as coach ALWAYS said, there is no “I” in team.