Happy Mother’s Day to all the KIT moms—to both the pussy cats and the tiger moms!  Stereotypes are dangerous, but new research confirms that at least one has some truth to it and that is “the Tiger Mom”.

Researchers in China and the U.S. looked at the academic performances of Asian-Americans compared to whites. They discovered that higher socio-economic status and greater intellect did not contribute much to the difference in grades.

So if it wasn’t the benefits of affluence or opportunity, what was it?

The short answer is Tiger Moms! They are the the strict, disciplined, no nonsense, relentless moms who drive their kids to excellence.

Guang Niu/Getty Images

What they discovered was that Asian-American students had better work ethic than white students. Researchers say Asian-American students also were able to take advantage of social support systems that translate their effort into success.

Parents, the answer is “work ethic”.  Think about that for a minute. Work ethic can be taught, work ethic can be modeled and work ethic can be required!  A little less texting, fewer hours in front of television or videogames and a little more parental involvement in supervision.

One researcher says, "Asian-American youth are more likely to attribute intellect and academic success to effort rather than innate ability." However, that work ethic comes at a price.  Researchers found that Asian-American students were more likely to have more self-image problems and more conflicted relationships with their parents than their white counterparts. (TIME)