The state schools superintendent has released a list of 13 schools that will receive money to help improve student learning — and three Yakima elementary schools are on the list.

The three elementary schools are considered some of the most vulnerable in the state. McKinley, Barge-Lincoln and Martin Luther King elementary schools will get hundreds of thousands of dollars for three consecutive years.

One of the most noticeable effects? Yakima School District Superintendent Elaine Beraza says students will spend 30 minutes longer at school each day. Teachers will also collaborate twice a week to look at student data and lesson planning, and more technology resources will be available.

Meantime, the Yakima School District plans some reshuffling of staff at these three schools.

It's also incumbent upon us, if we have teachers that are not a good match, using a provision in the contract with the Teachers Association we might actually reassign a couple of teachers.

The superintendent said that four years ago, Adams Elementary School received the same school-improvement grant money. It went from being one of the lowest performing schools to earning top scores in the district.

The three elementary schools will make their big changes next school year, based on Adams' success.