It is cold outside and by next Friday The Homeless Network of Yakima plans to open three shelters including one for young adults.

Dave Hanson Executive Director of Sunrise Outreach says they have been able to work out an agreement with the city which was concerned about safety issues.

Hanson says for the first time this year they will work with Rods House that helps young people who are homeless. "After the kids receive some services and a meal we’ll pick them up and take them to a safe shelter.”

Hanson says they are actually young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 who make up a majority of those being helped at Rods House in Yakima.

The city was concerned about fire safety at the shelters but has agreed to allow the shelters to open with among other things more staff training and wireless smoke detectors directly connected to emergency dispatch.

Hanson says they will open three shelters next Friday at the Unitarian Church, The Englewood Christian Church and The First Baptist Church in Yakima.