Neighbors in a residential area of Moxee are concerned today after three young girls were struck by a car while riding their bikes Sunday.

It happened on the 600 block of North Iler Street around 9:00 p.m.

Neighbors like Jay Kelley say they're surprised this happened in an area where many kids play outside and people are usually watching for cars. "I let both my sons and all my neighbors kids, they all kind of play out in that same area."

On the generally quiet street neighbors said this is a rare case and they hope it does not happen again.

"It's usually a safe place. I do notice that there are a lot of kids in the road playing in this whole complex and sometimes they don't really pay attention to cars," said Janet Leitch who also lives in the neighborhood.

Moxee police arrived on the scene quickly. They said the 18-year-old driver who hit the girls was not intoxicated and he wasn't speeding and that it was just an unfortunate accident.

Neighbors said it is nice to know the police are there to help.

Police said the three girls were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries.