"We are reviewing the evidence we have with a new look." Those words from Yakima County Prosecutor Jim Hagarty, who spoke with reporters today for the first time since the controversial Kevin Harper plea deal. This week Harper pleaded guilty to unlawfully possessing a firearm and possession of stolen property, however the 3 murder charges he was facing were dropped. Hagarty said new information received by his office this week drew serious questions as to whether Harper was involved in the murder of Bill, Pauline and Elizabeth Goggins. Hagarty said the new information changed the time prosecutors originally thought the murders happened by several hours. Hagarty would not comment on whether he believes Harper was or wasn't involved in the murders, but he did say the investigation is ongoing and that two new detectives have been put on the case by the Yakima County Sheriff's Office. Hagarty believes that all of the information will be made public but now is not the time for that to happen. He remains confident that justice will eventually be done in the Goggins murders. Hagarty was flanked by prosecutors Ken Ramm and Steven Jackson at today's news conference. Audio recordings of the news conference were allowed but tv cameras were not allowed.