Century Link crews have restored phone service including 911 and internet services to all customers in Gleed, Naches and Chinook Pass.

However they are still working to restore local and long distance phone service to approximately 300 customers in Gleed.

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Thieves stole close to 1,000 feet of Century Link fiber and copper cables this morning, knocking out phone service to some 2500 customers. Those affected live in the Gleed, Naches, and Chinook Pass areas.  911, local, long distance and internet service it out. Century Link spokesperson Kerry Zimmer says the theft occured shortly before 3 this morning. Zimmer says service is expected to be out for 48 hours.
If customers in these areas have an emergency, please go to  the nearest fire station for assistance. The Yakima County Sheriffs Office is investigating the theft.

It is CenturyLink’s main concern to restore 911 as well as all phone and internet services as soon as possible, as customer safety is our priority.