Food cooperatives once evoked images of women in hippy clothing presiding over stalls of root veggies and homemade candles and jams and jellies made from strange barks and berries. Today, professonals from all walks of life dream of providing fresh, local, natural and organic foods to the community.

Two years ago, the Yakima Food Cooperative was just a dream, an idea brought up during a spirited dinner conversation among friends. Today the co-op is a group of energetic and dedicated volunteers working together to make the dream a reality.

The Yakima Food Cooperative strives to buy from local organic farmers and producers. Its mission is to provide quality, ethical, sustainable and affordable foods and products, to provide local farmers and producers a place to sell their products at a fair price and to create a place for the greater Yakima community to gather and work together.

With the vision of a storefront someday, the group today is diligently taking the steps needed toward incorporating the organization, building community interest in the co-op and facilitating relationships with local producers from around the Yakima Valley.

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