Recently having had bariatric surgery has made me super aware of what I eat, and how it will affect me. The United States was put into second place as the world's fattest country recently by our neighbors to the south.Having a Lap Band installed means that if you maintain it properly, you really don't get hungry and you lose weight. You also have to choose you foods carefully.

Apparently, the people of Mexico aren't choosing wisely.

I ran across an article on MSN that says:

According to a new report from the United Nations, America has lost its cholesterol-soaked crown as the fattest populous nation and is now trailing Mexico when it comes to adult obesity rates. More than 70 percent of Mexican adults are overweight, and one-third of teens there have weight problems as well. "The children are being programmed for obesity," physician Abelardo Avila says. "It's a very serious epidemic." Experts say that the numbers on their scales are getting bigger because of Mexicans' reliance on "Vitamin T" — fried, carb-heavy foods such as tacos, tamales and tostadas — as well as the prevalence of cheap snacks, American-style fast-food restaurants and the higher cost of healthy food options such as fruits and vegetables.


Americans are used to being first. We revel in winning, but this is one competition that we shouldn't mind losing. We all need to be more aware of how and what we eat, especially with Obamacare coming in soon. I'm not a zealot about eating, but my understanding is much better now.

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