Suppose they threw a party and nobody came? That is exactly what the Yakima Union Gospel Mission is counting on.  It’s called the Un-Gala and it’s a clever approach to fundraising. May, June and July are down months for the Mission’s fundraising so local organizers are hoping the idea of the not doing something in the guise of doing something normally done will be seen as something different enough to in fact,  do a lot! Huh?The idea is simple, fun and only slightly confusing. Instead of getting dressed up and attending a “Gala” fundraiser for the YUGM, non-attendees will just buy un-tickets and then skip the event which isn’t happening anyway.

Instead of spending too much of their income on prepping party food, decorations, music and gala type stuff, ALL the proceeds will be able to go to the great cause of helping people. So, it’s a party in mind and spirit, it’s giving without expecting to get and it’s the coolest party never to be held in Yakima.  So don’t miss it!  Watch your mailbox for the un-invitation with more details or visit the YUGM website at