Our family has joined the ranks of the millions who are dog owners.  My daughter is thrilled. My wife is thrilled plus.  “Dewey” is fitting right in and making for an extra happy holiday season.So naturally I notice all the dog stories are out there now. Such as --A dog really is your best friend in these tension filled times. Nothing beats being greeted by a perky pooch for relieving stress, reveals a recent poll of 1,000 dog owners.

Many dog lovers actually feel as if they absorb energy and enthusiasm from their canine companions. After spending time with their dogs, a whopping 55 percent of those polled reported feeling more relaxed, 44 percent sensed a surge in optimism and another 44 percent felt less worried about daily troubles.

"Forget wine or TV and interact with a dog," says a spokesman for Mindlab International, which conducted the poll. "Our research shows that dogs are profound and effective stress reducers and increase feelings of contentment and relaxation."

Hey, even going for “the walk” could hel

p me shed a few pounds in the months to come!