Heads Up Supermom 

Working and going to school at the same time is the most stressful thing the Average Woman has ever dealt with, according to a stress test from Women's Health. The facts about what frays your nerves:

  • 24% of women rank their stress levels at 80%
  • 38% of women check their work e-mail when they're on vacation
  • 39% worry about being able to pay their bills every month
  • 67% of women say stress messes with their libido
  • 45% of women take the edge off with a glass of wine
  • 15% of women stress about their relationship with their guy; the biggest reason is their schedules conflict and they have less time to see each other
  • Money is what women worry about the most
  • Speaking in front of a crowd also frazzles women

The top 3 things women do to ease their tension in order: vent to a friend, watch TV, and go to the gym.