Just what won’t they study in England?  You name it, they study it and this time it’s how what’s between the bread can help between the sheets…so to speak. Sinking your teeth into the right sandwich can give you an edge in the gym, the boardroom or the bedroom, says Dr. John Stanley, a lecturer at England's Oxford University.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

His suggestions on healthy combos to slip between bread slices include:

  • For more energy during workouts -- sliced apples and peanut butter.
  • To stay alert during business meetings -- chicken tikka with mango salsa.
  • For more 'ooh-la-la' in the boudoir -- figs, honey and orange slices with ricotta cheese.
  • To cure a hangover -- sliced banana and chocolate, then toast the whole thing in a pan.
  • For a good night's sleep -- smoked turkey and cream cheese.